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An Innocent Man: Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi (1952-2012)

December 21st 1988: PanAm flight 103 is blown up in mid air over the southern Scottish town of Lockerbie, all 259 passengers and crew on board are killed in the bombing, with debris from the blast claiming a further 11 lives on the ground.


Framed for the terrorist attack, Libyan national, head of security for Libyan Arab Airlines and former director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli; Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi, 49, was subjected to the kind show trial that would’ve made Mátyás Rosenfeld blush: Sentenced to life by a special court held on a NATO base in Holland on 21st January 2001. He was released from a Scottish prison on 10th August 2009 after being diagnosed with cancer, given a heroes’ welcome upon his return to Libya; Al-Megrahi spent his final three years with friends and family in Tripoli and died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of 20th May 2012, he was 60.

A reserved and capable patriot, Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi was a victim of the times; saddled with the burden of living in the days of dishonorable peace, the fruitless era of capitulation and appeasement. Handing over Al-Megrahi to criminal regimes in the West was the first of many errors by the Libyan Jamahiriya. Former Libyan Prime Minister Shukri Ganem is on record as having said that Libya had nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing, but reluctantly acquiesced to Western demands, handing out $2.7 billion to “…buy peace and move forward”.

The Bloody Path to Lockerbie: 

1969: The Rothschild controlled, illegitimate state of Israel expresses concerns over Libya’s support for the Palestinian people in the campaign to restore their country.

1970: The Rothschild controlled U.S. regime is ordered to tackle Libya on Israel’s behalf.

1973: The U.S. navy and air force begin hostilities with operation ‘Freedom of Navigation’ defined by a series of attempted incursions in and over Libya’s airspace and territorial waters, specifically off the northern Mediterranean coast in the Gulf of Sidra.

1975: U.S. spy planes attempt to violate Libyan airspace whilst the Libyan navy manages to dissuade the U.S. navy from advancing any further. Engagements are kept down to mutual harassment, mock attacks and aggressive posturing.

1980: The U.S. regime, having suffered a humiliating strategic defeat in Iran, intensify their aggression against Libya: Rothschild sees to it that America amass an armada off the Libyan coast, and so, aircraft carriers USS Forrestal and Nimitz move in to escalate the standoff.

1981: U.S. fighter jets down two Libyan fighter planes. The pilots eject and escape unharmed. U.S. forces gradually send more naval forces and aircraft carriers to the region.

1983: The U.S. regime, having suffered a significant military defeat alongside Israel in the Lebanon, continues to ratchet up the tension against the Libyans who have yet to respond militarily to the build-up of forces on their doorstep.

1986: The U.S. fleet edges ever closer to the coast of Libya: The U.S.S. Ticonderoga carrier is flanked by armed Destroyers the U.S.S. Scott and U.S.S. Caron: 30 Destroyers and 255 U.S. fighter planes are positioned directly in front of the Libyan coastline.

U.S. fighter planes invade Libyan airspace, Libya sends in three patrol boats in a bid to hold back further incursions. The U.S. air force launches a ruthless attack against Libyan forces, killing 35 naval personnel.

Mossad terrorists bomb La Belle discothèque in Berlin, Germany killing 3 and wounding over 200 civilians. The attack is blamed on Libya as a pre-text to a U.S. invasion.

At the behest of Israel, the U.S. regime conducts a wide scale terrorist attack on Tripoli; the bombing campaign kills 50 Libyans including Colonel Gaddafi’s 3 year old daughter, Hanna.

Israeli Fingerprints All Over Lockerbie:

In the wake of the bombing, Pan Am mobilized its internal investigation agency to look into the crime, coincidently; Pan Am’s internal investigation agency was none other than ‘Interfor’, a firm run by ex-Mossad agent Yuval Aviv. Mr. Aviv’s whitewash unsurprisingly blamed swarthy, Arab looking airport staff for the security lapse; some of Aviv’s sources for the report were his former employers the Mossad and Israeli airline El Al.

In his book, ‘Gideon’s Spies’, author Gordon Thomas cities a source inside the ‘Lohamah Psichlogit’ (LAP) Mossad’s psy-ops / psychological warfare department. The source describes how Mossad agents were propagandizing against Libya “within hours of the crash”. Evidence also emerged of how suspected Mossad terrorists visited the scene of the crime and tampered with evidence at the crash site, one Mossad member even stole a suitcase belonging to U.S. agent Charles McKee. Killed in the attack, McKee was said to have links to U.S.-Israeli cointiel pro operations in the Lebanon. The Israelis, still bitter that the Americans had left them to suffer a brutal defeat in the Lebanon war at the hands of Hezbollah resistance fighters, may well have been sending a deadly threat with Lockerbie: ‘obey us, or else’.

Ex-Mossad agent Colonel Victor Ostrovsky, also agreed to testify that it was the Israelis who set up both the Berlin and Lockerbie false flag terror attacks: In 1986, Mossad sent out a signal intercept transmitted from Tripoli to Berlin, this signal was then picked up by the CIA and used to fabricate evidence to frame Libya for the Berlin discothèque bombing. The exact same Israeli intercept was used to frame Al-Megrahi for the Lockerbie attack.

The Cover Up Unravels:

Dr Hans Köchler, one of the UN observers at the trial of Al-Megrahi, declared that the proceedings were a “spectacular miscarriage of justice”.

Scotland’s Chief Law Officer during the investigation, Peter Fraser conceded in 2005 that chief witness for the prosecution; Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci, was highly unreliable and expressed concerns that evidence may have been planted at the scene. It was later discovered that corrupt, Rothschild controlled U.S. plutocrats had offered “unlimited monies” for Al Megrahi’s conviction. Witness Tony Galui and his brother Paul were both paid a total of $3 million dollars for their services to the prosecution.

A fragment of printed circuit board allegedly discovered by British forensic scientist Dr Thomas Hayes had also been altered. Shabbt goy Dr Hayes, former head of British Royal Armaments Research and Defense Establishment (RARDE) was also involved in the frame up of the Maguire family for a crime they didn’t commit in 1976, The Maguire Seven were eventually freed on appeal after 14 years in prison.

Courageous campaigner Dr. Jim Swire, whose 24 year old daughter Flora was killed in the Lockerbie attack, has tirelessly fought for the truth. Piecing together evidence which exonerated Al-Megrahi and exposed the web of lies woven by a gaggle pro-Israeli sympathizers and corrupt, corporate media shills:

 I first saw Baset al-Megrahi on the morning of 1st of May 2000. He was below us in the well of the specially convened trial court at (NATO) Kamp Zeist, Holland. With me were Reverend John Mosey and other friends. Close to us, to one side of the public gallery, sat his wife Aisha and his family. We were totally unprepared for the comment from another observer in the gallery:- “How could you sit so near to the filth?” he said. This was presumably naked racism, coupled to a profound a priori presumption of guilt unencumbered by the inconvenience of having to prove it. Similar hatred has festered for some, and contributed to the blinding of many ever since.

On my first actual meeting with Baset in Greenock prison, he was calm but determined to clear his name. He must have known that we had campaigned for years to have him tried under Scots law.Yet there was not a word of complaint, though his cancer, already giving him pain on sitting, was then in evidence. A devout Muslim, he had a Christmas card from the prison shop ready for me, on it he had written ‘Dr Swire and family, please pray for me and my family’. I treasure it. It resoundingly trumps the arrogance of the comment from Zeist, quoted above”.

Jim Swire

The real perpetrators of the Lockerbie bombing remain at large, probably still in our midst planning ever more depraved and deadly atrocities for their Rothshcild overlords. But murder is a crime with no place to hide, and eventually, however long it may take; these people will be bought to book. Meanwhile, the specter of Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi haunts the Israelis like Banquo’s ghost did Macbeth, for the world is all too aware of who did what to whom and how. For even they  must know that true justice will, someday, prevail.

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  1. who_me June 1, 2012 at 2:16 am #

    “Israeli Fingerprints All Over Lockerbie”

    exactly. it’s also rather telling that the “back-up responsible party” after libya was iran in their goebbelsian media and quisling colonial government propaganda.