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prose-poem in politburo portraits



















6 Responses to prose-poem in politburo portraits

  1. Jonathon Blakeley September 20, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

    Like this too. and its absence of words. Very Zen

  2. Jonathon Blakeley September 20, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    BTW I added the author list as a drop down menu on the front & inner pages.

    • David Holden October 2, 2012 at 4:39 am #


      you are advised to read the following with one eye behind your back, and whilst listening to Arvo Parts’s Spiegel an Spiegel. if you like a drink, by all meas have one.

      hi Jon, yes, saw that. it’s a good feature. btw seems there’s a discussion online re wordpress not providing a preview comment button. this is normal practice on many forums, and would neatly sidestep the timers issue. frankly, as someone who has written quite a lot of crazy and dysfunctional code in my day, for me the timers problem symptomatizes a hint of something antediluvian lurking in the conceptual undergowth behind the wordpress architecture. however, like many of my suspicions, this may be unfounded. wordpress does offer lots of good things, but i think, to be as effective an operation in the NFE (new fourth estate) as we can we should strive to be as near the kutting edge of hyperjurnotek (KEOH) as is compatible with our ethos.

      to take one example – the retrieval system from the deLib archives of either posts or comments is rudimentary and does not offer the attractive browsing experience one might expect from a good e-reading room.

      one could always have an annexed forum, but tho simple it seems like a fix and it could prove counterproductive as well as sloppy design. in any case on most forums, the archive browsing facilities are equally rudimentary, though the need for better is perhaps less pressing.

      deLib is/should be an online publishing house, whatever else it may equally accurately be described as being or striving in the direktion of.

      the ephemerality of the MSM is not a feature to be voluntarily imitated. quite the reverse. our journalistic context should strive to be one of time binding in the sense used by Alfred Korzybski. in fact an increase of time binding is one of the absolute measures of the development of consciousness

      btw i know you are working for nowt in your spare time, so don’t see this as what our kazzer colleagues over at Ari’s Plaice (the excellent and justly renowned kosher fish and chippy for e-journalists) might call a kvetch – i’m just attempting a spot of Prometheanism i.e. foresight – for sure, a necessary input to the vitality of any NFE enterprise like deLib is achieving some necessary minimum of koncentration – permitting a harmonic focus and of the collective creative imagination of all happy to contribute (and thus help to parametrize) to its quaternionic psycho-magnetic alignment in hyperspace.

      sorry, that’s my jargon aphasia again – all i meant to say was, i admire and support all of what you have done and are doing here.

      the Third World War is a war of ideas. the use of nasty tactics like censorship, mass brainwashing or physical weapons only demonstrates the extent to which the Kollektive Obstakle to the Progress of Humanity (KOPH, in its crass and phlegmlike unwisdom, fears the power of the truthful word to melt it so utterly that it will dribble back blubbering into the slimy abyss of filth from which it crawled (at the beckoning of the Kreatrix) to be an acidic goad to a humanity become lazy, egocrntric, materialistic, mendacious, and feckless. the time approaches when, its task accomplished, it will slither back into its appointed place in the Latrine of Our Kosmos (LOK).

      meanwhile, we must attend to how we can grow and develop in a beneficial and creative fashion.

      to be sure helpers will come. for in the hyperworld truth attracts the truthful. love attracts the loving. humour attracts those who apreciate wit. and a well-defined and useful project attracts those willing and able to undertake it – enthusiastic people who can contribute in some or other way will turn up, hopefully not all moonlighting for the mossad et al.

      are we capable of branching out constructively to include these newcomers and to utilize the skills/creativity they would be delighted to bring to the task, whether in a bigger or a smaller way in terms of time commitment?

      perhaps anarchy is the best policy at the inchoate stage, but pursued long-term might prove imprudent, and result in a chaos. i think Blake (William, that is, not deLib’s Blake) said (something like): i must build my own system – or be enslaved by another man’s

      the notion of hierarchic organization has gained a bad press through its abuse by the uzual kulpritz. there is a natural, or organic ayeraki which was better understood in the late mediaeval/early renaissance period in terms of a concept derived from platonism which permeated the thought of those times – the idea of The Great Chain of Being. for instance, speaking of psychmagnetic alignments, there is an analogy between the contribution of each deLibber to the alignment of deLib and the contribution of deLib itself to the alignment of its immediate NFE hyperenvironment. moreover these two levels clearly interact.

      perhaps the word alignment should be replaced throughout by non-alignments but each reader is charged with the task of performing this difficult edit for themselves, if they deem it sufficiently necessary to be worth the effort. every action includes in its opportunity cost some vectorial norm of all occluded possiblities.


  3. who_me September 20, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    many “dorian grey” portraits. cool. 😀

  4. Somoe September 22, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Surrealy real! love the sounds created visually! very clever 😀

  5. David Holden October 2, 2012 at 2:47 am #

    thx all <3