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911: Hercules Poirot Investigates

hercules poirot

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a 46 minute video was uploaded on Jun 18, 2012 by joefriendly, who describes it as follows:

Flight data recorder expert Dennis Cimino, a commercial pilot with more than 2000 flying hours, reveals that the US government’s claims about a flight data recorder found at the Pentagon from Flight 77 are fraudulent, with zeros instead of the plane’s identification number and flight number! The recorder did not come from an airliner but was apparently created at a workbench and was also lacking data that an actual flight would have, such as mandatory barometric adjustments and even any record of the cockpit door opening. The talk was given June 17, 2012 at the Vancouver 911 Hearing.

the video was cited in a recent  (Friday, September 7th, 2012) Veterans Today piece about the Vancouver Hearing, by Jim Felzer.

somewhere in the comments section at the end of Jim’s article, there is a very interesting exchange, initiated by a shrewd question from Stewart Ogilby. this question should be of  interest to all those puzzled by one curious piece of the 911 jigsaw:



what decided the timing of Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement (the day before 911) that $2.3 trillions were missing  from the Pentagon’s funding?


this was a large sum, even given the monstrous size of the US  ‘defense’ budget ($700 billion in 2010).

immediately below: on 911 the Evil Sorcerer of Abu Ghraib announces that the Pentagon is functioning. click for an enlargement and study the faces.

many people seem satisfied with the simplistic explanation that the ziocons, with advanced knowledge of September 11th, thought September 10th an excellent day to announce bad news – amidst general hysteria and panic the 2.3 trillion would be buried beneath the pulverized concrete and twisted or  molten steel in the footprints of the demolished twin towers and building 7. so indeed it was. but the spirit of Hercules Poirot, channelled by Stewart, has put zose leetle grey cells to good use yet again in introducing the idea of a rather more fiendish scheme, and one both more flattering to, and  better-suited to the admirable and deservedly-renowned ingenuity of, the perpetrators.


from Stewart Ogilby
September 7, 2012 – 5:49 pm

Jim, Let us postulate that the release of that Pentagon budget discrepancy only a day before 9/11 could easily have prepared a cover story for the presence and “deaths” of special financial people at that location. To verify deaths, or more precisely, to verify and document previous lives of alleged victims and the existence of their surviving families ought to take merely a fraction of the time and effort spent on other aspects of the huge 911 media hoax. That taking this time and effort seems to have escaped competent domestic 9/11 researchers is curious. Ought not a close look be taken at alleged victims and surviving families of that day’s entire media charade? The light is beginning to dawn, is it not?

from  Jim Fetzer
September 7, 2012 – 8:46 pm

You are suggesting that the casualties at the Pentagon might have been killed separate and apart from the events of 9/11, in particular, the staged attack on the building, which was merely a “cover story”? I must admit that this thought has never crossed my mind. I am not especially good at doing that kind of research, but I know a couple of others, including Dean Hartwell, who might want to follow up. Thanks.

from  Jim Fetzer
September 7, 2012 – 10:22 pm

Dennis Cimino has asked me to add this response from him to your post:

Stewart, what happened at the Pentagon is the ‘core’ of 9/11. The stuff that took place in NYC that day was merely a PsyOp to support the waging of war on Iraq and Afghanistan for the zionists who control the U.S. and who have serially, more than one time now, taken more than 2.3 TRILLION dollars (twice since 9/11 this has occurred, as well) of American’s taxpayer’s dollars and repatriated that money to support Israel for the Rothschilds. This is ‘why’ the events of 9/11 were mostly window dressing to cover up and obfuscate the facts that Cynthia McKinney brought to light in the hearing on the Hill the day before, roasting Dov Zackheim’s sorry zio ass, as well as the bimbo Controller who couldn’t answer Cynthia even a little bit about why the Pentagon lost track of so many TRILLIONS of dollars.

This serial looting has been going on a long time but until Cynthia McKinney’s ‘surprise’ hearing about the looting by Israel, it was never a necessity to do this kind of operation.

It is my professional opinion that 9/11 occurred fundamentally to utterly destroy the United States finally by the gutting of the last vestiges of any civil liberties we had left, under the Bush regime, and the ‘emergency’ necessity to do something like this was in the fore immediately after McKinney aired that out on Capitol Hill the day before.

Their hands were forced. Israel was in a position where it’s looting of the U.S. Treasury was fully exposed by McKinney’s work and investigatory findings.

The Pentagon was the PRIMARY TARGET of 9/11. The other stuff is merely sauce for the goose.

If you look at how greedy these zios got, Howard Krongard and his brother at the C.I.A., buddies of Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein, did the PUT OPTIONS on AAL and UAL stock holdings, but these transactions were traceable back to the C.I.A. and Krongard’s I.P. address at C.I.A. Sitting at his comfortable armchair, this zio murderer sought to enrich himself on the blood of those to be murdered by his agency on 9/11/2001.

The Cynthia McKinney hearings forced them to do the operation ahead of schedule. Virtually the entire operation was to obfuscate and to cover up the fact that Israel had been siphoning and still is siphoning money out of the United States via the back channel which is the Pentagon budget.

But per your very adroit question regarding the casualties at Pentagon, nobody can be assured of shit. The DoD has a gun to its TREASONOUS HEADS and will go to any and all lengths to protect Israel, and that means, faking victim identities to propel the concept that 19 arabs with box cutters could do this to America that day without any NORAD interference of any kind.

When our indictments are fully made public, you’ll see why and we are in fact very on top of WHO did this.

Thanks for your comments,



Dennis’ viewpoint is interesting, though i don’t think 911 was a rushed job. his study of the bogus  FDR (flight data recorder) is a fine piece of detective work.


the official narrative of 911 may be compared to a large house of cards. the structure is flimsy enough to begin with, but as cards have had to be altered or removed, it has become flimsier still. take away just a single structural ‘card’ and a whole section of the edifice comes tumbling down. indeed such a sudden and devastating collapse looks like a controlled demolition,  though nanothermite and micronukes are not required here – just a sudden breeze, or even a  a flatulent congressman’s accidental  fart, would do the trick.

there are many weakest links.

the bogus FDR is one of them.

the whole dancing Israelis saga, and Chertoff’s role in the release of arrested Israelis, which has given us the unforgettable catchphrase: our purpose was to document the event, is another.

the explosions.

the ejected debris.

the rapid shipping off of the 911 steel, via a sayanim business channel

building 7. pull it!

Zelikow’s role in the 911 commission, and its shameful report.

the convenient death of John O’Neill.

etc. etc. we all have our favourites.

a very weak link indeed  is the missing Pentagon CCTV data.  it is well-known that the FBI collected all circumambient CCTV footage of the Pentagon “attack”. i believe there were something like 82 separate records.  so why no released video evidence? it is true the  five belatedly released frames are evidence of a kind, they are evidence of the continued cover-up! but really, is there  any possible  innocent  answer to this question? national security? erm…no. this credibility gap looks more conspicuous, and and the  sulphurous fumes which emanate from it smell ranker, with every day that passes.

the task of stemming  public rejection of (derision at) the official narrative*, with the complicity of the MSM, may be likened to an attempt to maintain the integrity of a  large dam constructed entirely from an inadequate mix of mud and twigs. under the impact of a flash  flood of information the dam is now is springing leaks at an alarming rate. at such a rate, indeed, that there  are simply not enough venal fingers to stop up all the holes. in any case it is an unfortunate circumstance that the ziocons and their lackeys have less fingers to spare than normal human beings, as many ziocon digits are already irretrievably stuck  in a variety of lucrative pies.


8 Responses to 911: Hercules Poirot Investigates

  1. Somoe September 11, 2012 at 9:25 am #

    No, it doesn’t stretch my credulity at all to believe that the whole 9/11 conspiracy was engineered to cover up the funneling of Pentagon funds to Israel and i agree with you that it does not appear to be a rushed job. It was clear from the start that there were people in the administration with things to hide when footage was seized from anyone who filmed the ‘attack’ on the pentagon and never seen again.

    Once again, I salute your brilliant research and your ability to articulate so cleverly, with such wit the real state of affairs with this diabolic attempt to seize control of the reins of power and the minds of the masses, concealing the real crimes.

    The culture of reliance upon MSM TV for information has made delusion on a massive scale possible and been the downfall of most western societies and the cause of much ‘lamentable ignorance’. Add to that the fact that our pseudo institutions have for many decades been pursuing policies designed to dis-empower, poison and ‘dumb down’ the populace.

    • David Holden September 11, 2012 at 11:04 am #

      is Contrarian Conformism the new ultra-Left-Deviationism?

      NB as an exercise in elementary mutual hetero-referentiality i have tweeted a link to this comment. the tweet can be found at

      amongst people i encounter, aside from hasbara trolls and a few surviving crypto-stalinists, the most vociferous supporters of key official myths like the holohoax six million, the 911 boxcutters, and the ludicrous idea that Israel is a ‘regular’ and democratic country having a spot of bother with its less civilised, and violence-prone neighbours, are:

      1a. humane in concept, or, at least anti-corporatist and left-thinking, but ready to fulminate at a moment’s notice against nations or popular movements located on any readily available Axis of Evil (except the real one), and feeling that for the degraded inhabitants of such evil countries bombing them back to the stone age is either too good for them or the only language they understand.
      1b. reinforce to themselves the idea of their own altruism either by having a job with a charity or government agency, or by performing some kind of voluntary work on a regular basis.
      1c. have considered, at some stage, the option of becoming a ‘card-carrying’ member of a communist party.
      1d. are proud, self-declared atheists, with an irrepressible and seemingly excessive loathing for all forms of ‘religion’ as the root of all human evil.
      2. consider themselves unusually strong-minded.
      3. consider themselves ditto well-informed.
      4. are very seldom mistaken, if ever.
      5. see evidence as a petty-bourgeois deviation/distraction.
      6. regard arguments as, essentially, a matter whose essence is to be found in shouting, mudslinging, and ad hominem ‘refutations’.
      7. have one or more favourite gatekeepers – i.e. thinkers or public figures whom they admire, and whose ex cathedra pronouncements are authoritative.
      8. still believe that the world is pretty much as it appears in the Grauniad/BBC pseudo-Weltanschauung.
      9. are avid watchers of/listeners to News or Current Affairs programmes.
      10.are Islamophobic, but anti-racist and anti-fascist.
      11.think criticism of Israel, or of the excesses of Khazarian influence in the US, is evidence for anti-semitic tendencies which can lead people in the end to commit thought-crimes or to join dangerous far-right extremist hate groups.
      12. are, despite their claims to the contrary, impressed by celebrity, and are easy victims to consumerist manipulation.
      13. consider Bob Dylan to be the greatest musician the world has ever known.
      14. are strong supporters of the Crusade for President Bush’s notion of world-wide Freeman Moxy
      15. easily demonise people they disapprove of, even if these antagonists are erstwhile friends whose only failing is having the temerity to disagree.

      these traits define for me a distinct socio-personal type, the contrarian conformist. in many ways CCs are admirable folk, and whilst all loving their children, and sharing a common subscription to the articles of faith outlined above, constitute a vibrantly diverse collection of human beings.

      aside from their ideological stance, (dogmatic counterfactualism) if the members of the CC community have a single easily-recognised trait that distinguishes them as a group it is that they mistake stubborn-ness and reliance on unexamined prejudice for independence of thought, and are potential useful idiots in that their unconscious motivation is to support social solidarity by acting and speaking in such a way as to promote the herding/guiding of ideological waifs and strays back towards the cattle shed of convenient mythology.

      one or two of the above points are made with tongue ever-so-slightly in cheek, but i hope i have portrayed at least in the form of this poorly-sketched caricature, a type with which some of my readers may be familiar from their own experience.

      • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 11, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

        I add my salute to Somoe’s.
        This not just the best description but most likely the first identification of the aptly named CCs.
        Within this depressingly large category there are subtypes of various shades depending on background and ethnicity, e.g. the progressive white-guilt/christian-guilt group that has assimilated all the bullet points of zioprop, and whose central theme is “the only racism is white racism, of which the most heinous form is anti-semitism.”

        • David Holden September 11, 2012 at 1:20 pm #

          Ariadna: the progressive white-guilt/christian-guilt group that has assimilated all the bullet points of zioprop, and whose central theme is “the only racism is white racism, of which the most heinous form is anti-semitism.”

          that describes perfectly someone i know very well – a US-born radical (southern state) who worked as a journalist in Nicaragua, then for Oxfam in England. his parents were liberal, and worked against anti-semitism, which gave him a big experience…. i now suspect they might have been drawn into the SPLC net.

          his 911 gatekeepers are Chomsky and Cockburn (r.i.p.), though from my recent researches in connection with the lively deLiberation Tenzin Gyatso debate, it looks like Parenti would make a good reserve quarterback for that team.

  2. Jonathon Blakeley September 12, 2012 at 7:50 am #

    • David Holden September 12, 2012 at 2:44 pm #

      brilliant! – i have long been looking forward to the appearance of such pithy video summaries.

      Anthony Lawson is a master of the genre, though his target audience is more selective.

      despite the extreme gravity of the 911 and post-911 crimes humour is an essential weapon in the ongoing war of ideas, especially in the peculiarly difficult task of de-hypnotising the sheeple. that needs a few more celebs like Charlie Sheen.

  3. David Holden September 12, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    In essence, we lost our scientific independence, and became little more than “hired guns”.

    an insider talks of the corruption of NIST from the 1990’s:

    one great testament to my incompetence at record keeping is my constant failure to remember the name of NIST spokesperson Shyam Sunder, who presented (with a straight face!) the considered view that Building 7 fell due to burning curtains.

    but my google searches to find the name again often turn up useful auxiliary sources, such as the above.

    i have always thought, in a rather unexamined fashion, “what a patsy” but perhaps i have underestimated Mr Sunder. by invoking such a ludicrous hypothesis in such a mock-serious way, he may have been, within the restraints imposed by the exigency of keeping his job, sending a signal that the whole official versions of these events (Building 7 was not even mentioned in the 911 Commission Report) is, as Roger Tucker has suggested, bunkum.