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Archive | September 20, 2012


Jewish hate group targets 9/11 truth movement

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is one of the wealthiest Zionist organizations in America. The government treats it almost as one of its departments. Professor Steven Salaita analyzed the ADL and showed it is a “hate group” according to its own criteria (1). Palestine solidarity activists are wary of the ADL. But there are similar groups […]

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Jewish Culture Wars

Is the title appropriate for the subject? I think so: it is about culture because it is about money, duh! First the facts: JERUSALEM (AP) — DC Comics and Marvel are suing a Jerusalem vendor for selling Jewish skullcaps, or kippas, adorned withunauthorized images of crime-fighting superheroes Batman and Spiderman, a lawyer representing the comics […]

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The ‘Pro-Israel’ Network Behind the Innocence Video

By Justin Raimondo September 18, 2012 “Antiwar” – If someone had planned to upend US foreign policy — to utterly destroy the very basis [.pdf] of all our diplomats (and military personnel) have been working to achieve in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world — they couldn’t have done a better job of […]

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