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Archive | September 13, 2012


Why I am Convinced that Anna Ardin is a Liar

There are so many inconsistencies in Anna Ardin’s accusation of sexual assault against Julian Assange. But the key question which leaps out at me – and which strangely I have not seen asked anywhere else – is this: Why did Anna Ardin not warn Sofia Wilen? On 16 August, Julian Assange had sex with Sofia […]

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Bad Science1

Tabloid Science

Once every few decades, one can enjoy a rare moment of intellectual delight, when something suspected right during the entire period but that was opposed to mainstream views, is found to be true. Many years ago, I was performing my third rotational research at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Since the establishment is interdisciplinary in […]

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HR 35 Assembly House Resolution - AMENDED

Exclusive Leaked Copy of Free Speech Reduction Guidelines

  The California State Assembly has created an important precedent in protecting students from excessive and dangerous free speech. HR-35, a resolution passed with Israel sympathizers in mind, aims to assure that campuses that still allow criticism will at least avoid offending such students with speech and information that might reflect negatively on Israel. Since […]

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It’s blessed with goodness like rest gives you something to end and work toward before then but in this madness we have abused this and closed the door in meaningless senseless murder our honor and respect to it has lost interest for it can bring you great joy to know that you are just a […]

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Canada-Iran tensions: Why Israel is so happy

In a frantic and unexpectedly hysterical decision made on September 7, the Canadian government suspended all its diplomatic ties with Iran, closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered the Iranian diplomats to leave the Canadian soil in 5 days. The Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird made an unbelievably offensive statement, calling Iran “the most significant […]

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