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Archive | August 13, 2012

bodies thrown off roof in Syria

Sick NATO Primitive FSA Terrorists Throw Bodies off Roof and Execute Unarmed Civilian in Horrific Videos

Bodies thrown off roof in horrific Syria video Published Monday, August 13, 2012 A horrific video purportedly showing Syrian rebels throwing the bodies of postal workers off a roof has appeared online, raising fresh concerns about atrocities in the increasingly brutal conflict in Syria. Both sides in the 17-month conflict have been accused of human rights […]

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Israeli troops near border with Egypt

“The Sinai Peninsula Rejoins the Axis of Resistance”

The Sinai Peninsula Rejoins the Axis of Resistance Franklin Lamb Beirut Graphics by Alex Israeli troops near border with Egypt’s Sinai desert on June 18, 2012. The Sinai Peninsula has rejoined the Arab and Islamic Resistance as this great awakening spreads inexorably across the region toppling Western imposed security states and replacing them with governments […]

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Mursi retires Tantawi

World Leaders Emulate Mursi’s Dismissal of Tantawi

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi announced Sunday that he has retired the five most powerful generals in the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as well as the Supreme Court Chief Justice, and has reversed the powers of the SCAF. In addition, he informed the ambassadors of the U.S. and Israel that he is stripping […]

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