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Archive | August 5, 2012

On History and Intellectual Courage

I want to talk about something which is taboo yet cliche. It is widely accepted yet universally denied. Those who talk about this are ridiculed as conspiracy theorists and racists. On the other hand, many people freely admit this reality but dismiss it as inconsequential and ‘the way it is’. Jews dominate Hollywood, the global […]

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Why NasrAllah gave his support to Bashar

Why NasrAllah gave his support to Bashar Sectarian say “Most sunnis had huge respect for NasrAllah until he gave his support to a dictator.” Hear the answer from the mouth of the Sayyed of Resisitance Hassan Nasrallah sur la Syrie (18-7-2012)   Posted by VINEYARDSAKER: at 09:01 Full speech

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Rothschilds’ BCCI Shake Down of Arabs

(Excerpted from Chapter 6: The Bank of Crooks & Criminals International: Big Oil & Their Bankers…) The Black Network The Bank of Credit & Commerce International’s (BCCI) most notorious acts were hatched out of its Karachi branch, where the bank’s Black Network (BN) operated. BN was a global intelligence and enforcement unit that specialized in […]

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An American Spring?

The coming elections in America have become a contest between candidates who both try to be the leading panderer to Israel. Watching grown men who aspire to lead America grovel and mollycoddle before Israeli puppet-masters is disturbing. America is in the hands of a president who can’t decide whether to be imperious or fawning, an […]

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Judge Paul Engelmayer believes this ad from the AFDI represents "core political speech" that must be "afforded the highest
level of protection under the First Amendment."

Another Federal Judge—Another Billboard Lawsuit

                    This time the location is Ann Arbor, Michigan. And this time the billboard opposes Israel. I have been reporting regularly about the ongoing “billboard wars” in America over the Palestine-Israeli conflict, and the right to promote one’s position on the matter by taking out billboard […]

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Al-Jaafari: Draft Resolution on Syria Hysteric and Misleading

Al-Jaafari: Draft Resolution on Syria Hysteric and Misleading (Dp-news – Sana) Syria’s Permanent Representative in the UN United Nations, NY- In a speech before the UN General Assembly, Syria’s Permanent Representative in the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the Qatari-Saudi-western UN draft resolution serves only the interests of Israel. Syria’s Permanent Representative in the UN, […]

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