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Archive | July 25, 2012

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Uri’s Muslim Brothers

About one year ago Uri Avnery , the son of Irgun terrorist group wrote: “What will happen if hundreds of thousands of Palestinians march one day to the Separation Wall and pull it down? What if a quarter of a million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon gather on our Northern border? What if masses of people […]

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Weapons Have Rights, Too

“Our weapons are nothing if not patient,” said the Israeli Military Civil Coordinator for the Israeli Military Commander for Civil Administration of Military Affairs for Civilians in the West Bank AKA Judea & Samaria (IMCCIMCCAMACWBAKAJS).  “Would you believe that they have been waiting since 1999 to move into this area?”   He was referring to […]

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The head of the Political Department in the International Organization for Arab Expatriates Mohammad Dhirar Jammo

“Shawkat Deactivated First Bomb before the Second Exploded”

  Assef Shawkat Deactivated the First Bomb before the Second Exploded, Finger Pointed at Mossad and Intelligence Apparatus Israa al-Fass Al-Manar What A Loss” is the most concise and suitable expression to say in the aftermath of the martyrdom of the “crisis cell” Generals in Syria. The supporters of the Resistance’s weapon were mourned by […]

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Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

Four Corners looks at claims that the United States is working hard to unearth evidence that would lead to a charge of “conspiracy to commit espionage” being made against Assange – which in turn would be used to facilitate his extradition from Sweden to the United States. The program also documents the harassment experienced by Assange’s […]

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Have the occupied Palestinian territories become the ‘Native American Reservation’ of our time?

Israel’s refusal to stop building illegal settlements in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem is a poignant reminder the Palestinians could share a fate similar to the indigenous American Indian people of the 1800’s. According to the author, James W. Loewen, the U.S government’s model of wiping out nearly 54 million [1] indigenous people, with the […]

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