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Archive | July 19, 2012

Picture credit: Gillian Schutte

67 Minutes of Shame: Homophobic Hate Crimes Go Unnoticed

“Africa your silence is loud! Speak out against patriarchy, homophobia and transphobia.” So reads one of the many sloganed T-shirts worn by LGBTI rights protestors at the “Say No to Hate Crimes” picket at the Library Gardens yesterday. Other’s read: “My Sexuality, My Choice”, “Phansi Holomisa!” and “Zuma – your silence is killing our brothers.” […]

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Hebron Palestine

The Visible Ghosts of Palestine

A walk through occupied Al Khalil (Hebron) offers a shocking and heartbreaking insight into the struggle of the oppressed souls of one of Palestine’s most important cities. Day by day, Al Khalil is becoming a ghost town as the indigenous Palestinians are forced out through a wickedly evil campaign of terrorism, intimidation, and oppression. Israel’s […]

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Hamas  chief hails "big sister" Egypt after meeting the "leader of the Arab nation"

Hamas chief hails “big sister” Egypt after meeting the “leader of the Arab nation”

A reading between the lines After meeting Egypt’s Lame  duck, Khalid Meshaal (the  former leader of Damuscus-based Palestinian resistance  alliance), hailed the “Big  sister” Egypt, and its “President” the  “new Leader of Arab Nation”, expressed his satifaction because  the ‘talks lasted almost two hours, twice as long as Mursi’s  meeting a day earlier with ramallah […]

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Russian Spring Cancelled – Nyet to NGOs

In a wonderfully chess-like move, the Russian Parliament skillfully moved to block attempts to de-stablize Russia by using NGOs to encourage dissent.  AlJaZeera reported today that a new law had been passed with only one vote against and one abstention. The law would limit the operation of NGOs in Russia. Specifically foreign-funded NGOs would have […]

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