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Archive | July 15, 2012


Iran Today: Women and Islamic Awakening

In 2010, a wave of revolutions began to sweep a series of North African and Arab nations. The force behind it was so strong that it didn’t peter out, but rumbled on and on until today. Certain countries managed to topple their autocratic governments but others are still struggling to do so. Their men and […]

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Palestinian Rat

PA financial crisis: a symptom of continued Israeli domination

The Palestinian autonomous authority (PA) has been called many names, all denoting its inherent deformity, pathetic nature and scandalous subservience to Israel. A police state without a state, a Palestinian Judenrat (Jewish council under the Nazis), and a subcontractor entity answerable to the Israeli occupation regime are among the names given to the self-rule junta. […]

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Theft of a nation

A recent story from a small American town in Pennsylvania reported a bank robbery by a 35-year-old who allegedly held up a Citizens Bank branch. Bank robbers, when caught, are tried in court and sent to jail. Those who steal from others, whether a purse snatcher or car thief, get tried for theft and punished. […]

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