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Archive | July 9, 2012

United Pres Church

Presbyterians vow: the sixth time’s the charm for Israel divestment

Delegates returned home last week from a vote that divided the United Presbyterian Church (UPC) down the middle. Known as commissioners, the delegates to the 220th General Assembly (GA) considered a proposal to divest from three companies supplying the Israeli military. It was voted down 333-331, with two abstentions. This reporter spoke to one dejected […]

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Palestinian Abuse of Water Resources

In response to the report by respected journalist Gideon Levy that the Israeli Civil Administration (i.e. military administration) in the Jordan valley had taken new steps to prevent abuse of water resources by Palestinians, this reporter spoke directly with Inspection Coordinator (i.e. military controller) Avi Regudju. “Is it true,” I asked, “that Bedouins and other […]

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August 2012: Middle East Realigns

Away from the headlines, a revolution is taking place in the Middle East. On the last two days of August 2012, the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement will take place in Tehran, Iran. The encounter, which happens once every three years, will bring together key figures from Palestine, Egypt and Iran. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas […]

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