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The Kindness of Banks

Penin Diaz, an American friend of mine, sent me this distressing report that I felt I had to share.  Some of the details are uniquely American, but the experience is not  – Barb Weir Our family is going through hard times, and we’re trying to cut expenses, so I asked my bank about mortgage loan […]

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West provoking civil war in Syria: Jonathan Steele

Published on Jul 30, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011 and many people, including large numbers of security forces, have been killed in the turmoil. The Syrian government says outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorists are the driving factor behind the unrest and deadly violence while the opposition accuses the security […]

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If Palestinians disappear, who cares?

Osama Qashoo, film director, activist Extra reporting; Lauren Booth On the 21 and 27 June, two asylum seeker vessels heading from port of  Pelabuhan Ratu on the south-eastern coast of Java – a popular embarkation point for Australia disappeared. The boats were overladen with men, women and children, desperately seeking a new life, when the […]

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FIFA-fo-fum: I hear the din of the racism drum

For fans of European football, July is pretty much downtime until mid- to late-August when the UEFA, German, Spanish and other supercups officially conclude the previous season. After the excitement of the Champions League and European Football Championship (EURO 2012), the spotlight shifted to transfers and lower-key international friendlies, which help clubs prepare for their […]

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The Selective Morality of ‘Anti-Zionist’ Zionists

The selective morality of ‘anti-Zionist’ Zionists (self-professed anti-Zionists who harbour certain Zionist viewpoints) says that Palestinians must languish in refugee camps merely because it would be ‘immoral’ to re-settle Israelis who live on stolen land. This is all while Israel proves its capability to resettle its own citizens when it colonises vast swathes of the […]

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Message to Mitt: Courtesy of CIA, FBI, Bibi’s nephew, Vanunu and a Candidate for US HOUSE

U.S. national security officials consider Israel to be a genuine counterintelligence threat. “The CIA considers Israel its No. 1 counterintelligence threat in the agency’s Near East Division, the group that oversees spying across the Middle East, according to current and former officials. Counterintelligence is the art of protecting national secrets from spies. This means the […]

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The Forgotten WWII Battle of Halbe 1945

Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist, with five books and hundreds of articles and columns to her credit. Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her […]

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Double Standards of Mass Murder

A Virginia college, a Colorado high school, a Texas military base, an Arizona strip mall, a Colorado movie theatre – all have become part of a recurring event in America: mass murder. Following the latest massacre Tom Mauser, the father of a 15-year-old victim at the Columbine High School slaughter in 1999, described the inescapable […]

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Accusations of Jewish Self-Hatred and anti-Semitism as a Strategy to Hide from Self-Reflection

Anyone who follows the debate over Israel-Palestine knows how automatic and routine it is for one side to label those who disagree with Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people as self-hating Jews, Israel haters or anti-Semites. Hoping to calm the hysteria and add much-needed clarity to the issue, and unwilling to be silenced by these […]

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Mr. Win’s Solution for the Rohingyas of Burma is a recipe for Fascism

Last week, I came across Mr. Kanbawza Win’s article – “Killing two birds with a stone or a Win, Win Situation” (Eurasia Review, July 19, 2012) – discussing his thesis for solving the Rohingya crisis in western Burma. As a global citizen who has worked for decades to make our world a more inclusive one […]

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Has Assad Ordered Mass Rapes?

Has Assad Ordered Mass Rapes?  Russ Baker, WhoWhatWhy, Jul 24 2012 A growing refrain out of Syria is that widespread rape is taking place—and sanctioned by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. But when WhoWhatWhy examined the allegations, it found that well-intentioned women’s groups trying to document and prevent such abuses may be falling victim […]

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U.S. Nonprofit Wins License to Supply Free Syrian Army

“Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the License, the Syrian Support Group, Inc. (the “Licensee”) may export, sell, or supply to the Free Syrian Army (“FSA”) financial, communications, logistical, and other services otherwise prohibited by Executive Order 13582 in order to support the FSA…” According to Treasury License No. SY-2012-294747-1, dated 23 […]

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The War Against the Environment Has Yet to be Won

We have to destroy the environment as quickly as we can. These are the findings of the Movement for Environmental Sabotage and Subversion (MESS). The position of MESS is that the attempt to preserve and protect the environment and to lessen the environmental impact of human activity is irresponsible.  At their annual conference on Easter […]

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Palestinian Reconciliation: Cocking aggregates

From Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem: Dweik: Reconciliation must come before elections. According to Abbas, Elections must come before Reconciliation. Palestinian are facing a puzzle similar to the egg and chicken puzzle: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Since the last elections Fateh and Hamas never stopped taking about Palestinian reconciliation. Hamas never […]

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Will Romney View The Real Wailing Wall and Visit Israel’s WMD Facility?

On Tuesday, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Nevada, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney opined that the people of Israel deserve better diplomatic protection than that they have been receiving under President Barack Obama. Romney accused the President of being “fond of lecturing Israel’s leaders” and the “people of Israel deserve better […]

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From post-modernism to post-secularism

After more than a century of secuarlisation, Egypt’s cultural life is set to revolve again around the Quran. “The Quran is our Constitution” exhorted President Mohamed Morsi during the cliff-hanger presidential election, Egypt’s first ever bona fide presidential election, in which he trounced the old guard’s representative. But what does this arresting image really mean, […]

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al-Qaeda’s American Branch

On July 24, 2012, the New York Times published an article named “Al Qaeda Taking Deadly New Role in Syria Conflict.” The article comments on an interview with an al-Qaeda operative in Iraq and on a video posted in YouTube by al-Qaeda. In the latter, masked men speak with two flags of al-Qaeda in their […]

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The Statement Of Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah)

  On The Provocative Claim Of Israel Against Al-Aqsha Mosque :   جماعة المسلمين (حزب الله)  JAMA`AH MUSLIMIN (HIZBULLAH) Secretariate : Jl. Pesantren Al-Fatah No. 01, Pasirangin, Cileungsi, Bogor, 16820 E-mail :, Telp./Fax : (021) 82498933, HP : 082182036019 THE STATEMENT OF JAMA’AH MUSLIMIN (HIZBULLAH) ON THE PROVOCATIVE CLAIM OF ISRAEL AGAINST AL-AQSHA […]

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Weapons Have Rights, Too

“Our weapons are nothing if not patient,” said the Israeli Military Civil Coordinator for the Israeli Military Commander for Civil Administration of Military Affairs for Civilians in the West Bank AKA Judea & Samaria (IMCCIMCCAMACWBAKAJS).  “Would you believe that they have been waiting since 1999 to move into this area?”   He was referring to […]

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Sex, Lies and Julian Assange

Four Corners looks at claims that the United States is working hard to unearth evidence that would lead to a charge of “conspiracy to commit espionage” being made against Assange – which in turn would be used to facilitate his extradition from Sweden to the United States. The program also documents the harassment experienced by Assange’s […]

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Have the occupied Palestinian territories become the ‘Native American Reservation’ of our time?

Israel’s refusal to stop building illegal settlements in occupied West Bank and Jerusalem is a poignant reminder the Palestinians could share a fate similar to the indigenous American Indian people of the 1800’s. According to the author, James W. Loewen, the U.S government’s model of wiping out nearly 54 million [1] indigenous people, with the […]

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The RAW Prize (Recycle Apartheid Walls)

Most people recognize that the apartheid wall Israel has been building for the past ten years will one day be removed.  But few have given serious consideration to how best to recycle hundreds of miles of this “separation barrier.” Now, Gilad Atzmon, and several human rights organizations are offering a significant prize for the […]

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CrossTalk on Isralestine: What Occupation?

Published on July 23, 2012 by RussiaToday. According to the recently published report by an Israeli judge, Israel is not occupying the Palestinian territories. Does this report have any basis in international law? Is the government simply preparing the legal ground to annex Area C of the West Bank? And how do these occupation-deniers explain their […]

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Netanyahu Declared War on Iran

On July 23, 2012, Associated Press reported the results of the Burgas bomber autopsy; not for the first time in this affair, the findings didn’t fit the initial official declarations. Five days before, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were […]

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Zionists, Anti-Zionists & Anti-Zionist-Zionists

Linguistic and Possibly Anti-Semitic Considerations… Paul Eisen, elsewhere on deLiberation, objects to the use of such terms as zionists, anti-zionists, and anti-zionist-zionists (AZZs) on the grounds of their imprecision, seemingly confusing connotations, and their effect of simplified sloganeering. His arguments can be read here. Gilad Atzmon objects to the use of the term “zionism” as […]

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Aung San Suu Kyi Defends Rohingya Muslims

Asked whether the estimated 800,000 Rohingyas in Myanmar are considered Myanmar nationals, Nobel Peace laureate and parliamentary candidate Aung San Suu Kyi replied, “I do not know. We have to be very clear about what the laws of citizenship are and who are entitled to them.” In an effort to provide such clarity, this reporter […]

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“A picture is not worth a thousand words”

“A picture is not worth a thousand words” According to Erez Lieberman Aiden -who presented one of his research in TEDxBoston- “What we are left with is a collection of five million books, 500 billion words, a string of characters a thousand times longer than the human genome — a text which, when written out, […]

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Spingola Specials: Ken Freeland talks about the work of Roy Tov

[mp3-jplayer tracks=",,,"] On Saturday, Deanna Spingola – Republic Broadcasting Network – published an interview with Ken Freeland, speaking for Roy Tov. Your are kindly invited to listen. My website is still Next week, will begin to operate as a mirror site.

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Sandinistas vs. Monsanto

(Excerpted from The Grateful Unrich…Chapter 2: Sandinistas) It is better to see something one time than to hear it one hundred times – Japanese proverb Miraflores Cooperative, Nicaragua – August 3, 1986 We arrive in the box of a dump truck to a lush, fertile area near the Honduran border. We are guests in the […]

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Fighting The Vampires Within

Murder is not an anomaly in war- Chris Hedges Early warriors massed on bloody battlefields with everything from sticks and screams to swords, bows and arrows, muskets and cannons. That scene remained both disgusting and ridiculous.   The grim reaper heard the call of wild, raging bloodthirsty troops who could never get enough of head-slicing […]

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Despite all Hasbara, the Jewish state is gaining

 Updated “Despite all odds, the Jewish state is gaining“      We are witnessing a new phase in the war in/on for Syria,  where a new multi-polar world is under construction. The US famous “Wall Street Journal” newspaper uncovered Monday that the “US has been mounting a secret effort to speed the fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad […]

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Arab Spring against interests of Israel

Published on Jul 21, 2012 by Press TV Global News In an attempt that can only be described as ethnic cleansing, more than 26,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the Israeli forces since 1967.  The Israeli regime plans to turn the Palestinians in the occupied territories into a minority in their homeland. To further […]

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ArabNyheter interviews Lasse Wilhelmson

This is a republication of the interview that appeared in the old ArabNyheter. It was first published in September 2010. Mousa Almllahi is the chief editor of ArabNyheter  (in Arabic and English/Swedish), Mousa Almllahi: How did you become involved in the Palestine solidarity movement? Lasse Wilhelmson: I was active in the ’68 movement when I […]

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Another futile visit

Source:Ahram Weekly Broad smiles and handshakes characterised Clinton’s visit to Israel, but in terms of helping peace, the event amounted to nothing, writes Khaled Amayreh in Ramallah In her brief visit to Israel-occupied Palestine this week, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton utterly failed to push the peace process — or what remains of […]

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We All Are Bulgarians: Burgas Bombing

who are the victims of yet another false flag attack? On July 18, 2012, a suicide bomber attacked a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the Burgas Airport in Burgas, Bulgaria. The bus driver and five Israelis were killed; over thirty people were injured. Within hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran and Hezbollah, justifying […]

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Now’s Not the Time for Hezbollah to Cut and Run

Franklin Lamb Dahiyeh, South Beirut Al-Manar Graphics by Alex This observer admits that politically speaking, things might appear a  bit tough for Hezbollah these days but will spare the dear reader the tedium of  a laundry list of what the Party has experienced over the past 20 months in  terms of domestic and foreign attacks, […]

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Who is running the Western mainstream media?

We usually hear the boastful assertions of the leaders of the Western mainstream media that their media outlets are ideologically, financially and politically independent of their respective governments and what they put forward as packages of information to be consumed by the readers or viewers are unbiased, realistic, unprejudiced and objective. The Western mainstream media […]

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Yet More Blood and Tears for Syria

General Fahad Jassim al-Freij is sworn in as Defence Minister by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (R) in Damascus in this handout photo distributed by Syrian News Agency (SANA) 19 July 2012. (Photo: Reuters – SANA – Handout)   By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Thursday, July 19, 2012   The blow was heavy. The bombing itself may […]

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