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Archive | June 26, 2012


Circumcision of Children Is A Crime – Germany

A court in Germany has ruled that parents may not have their children circumcised on religious grounds because it is in fact – Minor bodily harm without consent. The move has angered Muslims and Jews alike who adhere to the Abrahamic Covenant with God; which boils down to something like – In order to feel […]

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UK lawyers timidly criticise Israel’s treatment of children

A group of some of Britain’s top lawyers has issued a report critical of the way Israel treats Palestinian children. It says the Israeli forces force Palestinian children to make false confessions make them sign statements in Hebrew hold them for eight times as long as Israeli children before bringing them to court hold them […]

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Egypt-Iran: an Alliance is Born

Opposing alliances create concentric rings around Eastern Mediterranean gas fields Egypt is back in the new version of the Great Game; in this century the race is not after the vast territories of Central Asia, but after the rich gas fields discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean. On Sunday, June 24, 2012, Mohamed Morsi was declared […]

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