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Archive | June 20, 2012


Greece: What Can be Done?

Greece faces the unenviable choice between accepting the terms of “the Troika” and facing the continuation and deepening of a socio-economic crises, which includes five years of negative growth, over 23% unemployment, an astronomical rise in poverty (from less than 15% to over 40%) and  mounting suicides, or a rejection of the “memorandum”, and a […]

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Ecuadorian Embassy

Assange Seeks Asylum in Ecuadorian Embassy

The ubiquitous Julian Assange has broken free of his “house arrest” and sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy for political asylum. It is unclear as to whether Julian’s plans where to evade the ongoing sexual accusations from Sweden against him or whether he was eager to escape his RT-TV contract on – the World tomorrow. […]

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