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Archive | June 19, 2012


Training Killers in the Classroom

6/18/12 Training Killers in the Classroom June Terpstra and Husayn Al-Kurdi “If they would rather die, said Scrooge, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” The militarization of public schools is a subject concerning the life and death of the young people of this country and those millions across the globe they […]

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Ten Years After This Wall

In Cold Irons Bound, The Walls of pride are high and wide. Can’t see over to the other side.-Bob Dylan Ten years ago, Israel began construction of its 490-mile mostly cold concrete barrier without any agreement with the Palestinian Authority about borders. Over 80% of Israel’s Wall has been built on legally owned Palestinian property […]

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Chemical Countdown: Israel vs. Syria

Mutual chemical deterrence between Israel and Syria may be soon put to test Syria is not Libya; it is neither Egypt nor Tunisia. Despite the Western thinly-disguised attempt to destabilize the Syrian regime, the latter is still in power after roughly a year and a half. Neither the USA nor Israel had developed yet a […]

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Doubtful Deals – News Analysis

Published on Jun 19, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews Greek party leaders are trying for a second time to form a coalition government. Will Greece eventually continue with its international bailouts and impose the harsh austerity measures and budget cuts as required by its agreements with the EU and the IMF or will the Greek have to […]

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Israeli citizen gives up citizenship

PressTV Report. 24 year old Andrey Pshenichnikov is in the French capital with a purpose that goes beyond tourism. This is his passport, the one he wants to renounce. In the past, some Israelis have managed to get their citizenship revoked, but there are no known cases of these Israelis applying for Palestinian residency or […]

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How To Teach The Children-and US-The Way To Peace

Rich Siegel’s six-year-old daughter Emily Gu Siegel created the cover art for her Poet, Musician, Activist and Spiritual Progressive Father’s CD “The Way to Peace” Emily’s art work immediately put me in mind of John Lennon who was inspired to write “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by his son’s artwork- and also this John […]

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Tony Blair, war criminals & breaking into the Leveson inquiry

Double Standards-06-16-2012 from PressTV. G20leaders prepare to meet in one of the most dangerous countries on earth dressed as a Mariachi band. And in the occasion of Queen of England’s birthday we look at the slave labor that worked on her Diamond Jubilee. We also talk to the man who broke into the Leveson Inquiry […]

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