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Archive | June 16, 2012


How true is 9/11 truth?

I don’t think I will ever know whether or not the massacre of September 11th 2001 was carried out by, or with the knowledge of, the authorities. But I think the overwhelming balance of probability lies on the side of the view than the crime was the work of an Islamic extremist group, working against […]

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Blind to Injustice

Much of the public seems blind to the truth of major events and issues that have long needed to be addressed openly. The injustice of the occupation suffered by the Palestinians The doubts about the 9/11 commission findings The under-reporting of child sexual abuse The cover-up of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty The lies […]

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Zionist Trolls and Hypocrites in High Places

The second after I hit ‘submit’ my comment at: Obama aims to shore up Jewish support – Washington Times The screen read: “Comment hidden due to abuse reports.” Since I went online as a matter of conscience and in service to the American public in 2005, I have been incessantly cyber-slandered, censored, blocked, deleted and […]

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Hamas, Fatah seek modus vivendi

originally published in Al-Ahram Weekly Hamas and Fatah are slowly edging towards a national reconciliation pact that would end more than five years of rift and division between the two largest political camps in occupied Palestine. Thanks to strong public pressure, the two groups began consultations to form a mutually accepted government, comprising “independent” ministers. […]

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Rigged Democracy: Like Egypt, Like Israel

Bukra il-mishmish” they say… On Thursday, June 14, 2012, Egypt’s highest court dissolved Parliament and martial law was reimposed by the country’s military rulers. On June 16-17 the second round in Egypt’s first free presidential polls will take place. The two events are closely related, being an attempt of the military to manipulate the judicial […]

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