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Archive | June 2, 2012


Gilad and all that Jazz – Event Review

The screening of Gilad and all that jazz at the London International Documentary Film Festival was a great success. Whether you see it as a documentary or an extended promotion for The Wandering Who, Gilad and all that jazz nails it both ways, and gives a detailed portrait of an extremely talented musician, a very […]

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Evolution and 9/11

The Evolution of Western Logical Fallacies “Why, God, why should I read another article about evolution!” would some readers exclaim at the mere sight of this article’s title. Yet, evolution is one of the cornerstones of modern Humanism, the main ideology behind the atheist states called Western Democracies. Evolution is where some of our times’ […]

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God Save The Queen & her Fascist Regime

Meanwhile in Britain the Queen’s jubilee approaches, 60 years of unelected rule over us simple peasant folk. I don’t know what is worse, a bunch of nobility ruling over us with little trouble at all, or all the people happily waving flags and cheering like mindless zombies amidst all the bunting. 60 years of Unelected […]

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Silent killing

For the second consecutive week, armed Jewish settlers attacked Palestinian villagers and torched their fields in the northern region of the West Bank as Israeli occupation troops were looking on passively. According to international law, the safety and security of people under occupation is the responsibility of the occupying power. However, in most cases, Israeli […]

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