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Archive | May 7, 2012


Protocols of the Elders of Goyion

I am not one easily duped by conspiracy theories like 9/11 “Truth” or “Jews control the major world powers,” but I am not a Zionist either. I consider myself an anti-zionist and a progressive endowed with clear-eyed objectivity. This is not a statement to propitiate the audience of an anti-zionist site but to indicate that […]

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Shapira Neighborhood Kindergarten | After a Molotov Cocktail Attack

Terror in Tel Aviv

what international media purposely ignores… On April 27, 2012, five Molotov Cocktails were thrown in Shapira Neighborhood, a poor area in Tel Aviv’s south. One of them hit a kindergarten, where children were sleeping (see picture); the others hit private homes. In one case, the terrorists opened the window of a house—where people were sleeping—and […]

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Gaza Flag

Fear-fuelling conspiracies – Part II

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. –Franklin D. RooseveltHow long does it take to be discouraged by the seemingly impossible? One year? Five? Ten (Viet Nam)…Iraq…Afghanistan)? Try 60 (Palestine)! The Israeli lobby in America can be credited with denigrating Palestinians (whether Christian or Muslim) beyond any hope for resolving their conflict. […]

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Who Chose The Chosen People, Anyway?

Dedicated to the long-suffering Palestinians and Iranians who have been sidelined by the United Nations in favour of the Nuclear Apartheid State of Zionist Israel in the most blatant exercise in International Double Standards that our world has ever known. This video demonstrates that the United States is not a democracy, it is a bribeocracy, […]

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