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Archive | April 24, 2012


Assange on Slavoj Zizek & David Horowitz

Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow Slavoj Zizek and David Horowitz are the guests for the second episode of Julian Assange’s interview show, “The World Tomorrow”. “Intellectual superstar” Slavoj Zizek is a philosopher, psychoanalyst and cultural commentator. David Horowitz is a renowned stalwart of hardline conservative American political thought and an unrepentant Zionist. The tone of […]

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Arab Gas Pipeline | Sabotaged

Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty Gassed-Out

New Nadir Reached in Sinai The Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation announced on April 23, 2012, that they are “terminating the Gas Supply and Purchase Agreement” with Israel since the East Mediterranean Gas Company failed its payments. The East Mediterranean Gas Company is an Israeli-Egyptian joint company that operates […]

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CrossTalk on BDS: Sanctioning Israel

An interesting debate regarding the future and effectiveness of the BDS movement. Omar Baddar carrries the BDS party line and emphasises cohesion of the Palestinian struggle, yet they seek paradoxically to disavow Gilad Atzmon for being critical of Jewish Power and culture that they say they wish to change. Puzzling indeed. What goals has the […]

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