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Archive | April 18, 2012

Picture 23

Julian Assange interviews Hassan Nasrallah

After much hype here is the first offering by Julian Assange from his new interview series on RT  “The World Tomorrow”. Still under house arrest in the UK for alleged Swedish indiscretions, Julian promises to interview some controversial figures. I was impressed by his first attempt,  although his awkwardness is still rather funny. “The state […]

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Taliban fighters are seen in an undisclosed location in Afghanistan July 14, 2009. Reuters

AfPak: Mutiny on the Bounty

The Taliban began their spring campaign as a British lord put a price on Bush’s scalp” notes Eric Walberg Kabul was cast into chaos Sunday as the Taliban began their spring offensive with attacks on US, British, German and Russian embassies, NATO headquarters, Camp Eggers, a hotel, President Karzai’s palace compound and parliament. These are […]

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21st Century Pacificism (The Old Stuff)

I have always been ideologically opposed to war and all the horrors that flow in its wake: agonising fear and death, famine, displacement, maiming, torture, rape, internment and the breakdown of all the hard-won values of civilised human law and behaviour. Looking back, I think that was partly why I was attracted to work in […]

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