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Archive | April 10, 2012


Sarah Gillespie’s The War on Trevor – Mamoon Alabbasi Review

Review of Sarah Gillespie’s new music release ‘The War on Trevor’ By Mamoon Alabbasi – LONDON Youtube Video: Sarah Gillespie’s new music release ‘The War on Trevor’ Politics and human rights have always been among the dominant themes in Sarah Gillespie’s albums ‘Stalking Juliet’ and ‘In the Current Climate’, but her latest release ‘The War […]

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“I’m Your Spy” by Mordechai Vanunu

A poem by Mordechai Vanunu Mordechai Vanunu, Israel, was a subordinate nuclear technician at what proved to be a clandestine nuclear weapons program. Following his convictions he delivered evidence to a London newspaper, the Sunday Times. Israel’s secret police abducted him to Israel, via Rome, in grave violation of the territorial integrity of both Britain […]

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Dolphin Submarine

“What must be said” by Günter Grass

Why do I stay silent, stay silent too long about what is obvious and is practiced in war games, at the end of which we as survivors are at best only footnotes It is the asserted right of the first strike, which could  annihilate the Iranian people – who are bullied by a loudmouth and […]

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The Israel Security Barrier

Putting Palestine back on the agenda

By asserting that Iran is a threat to Israel’s existence (a ludicrous assertion) and beating the drums for war with it, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has succeeded in getting Palestine off the political and mainstream media agenda and winning more time for Zionism to consolidate its occupation of the West Bank. (As Barak Ravid noted […]

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