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Archive | April 3, 2012


BDS update: Israel’s Ides of March

Palestinian Land Day and Israel Apartheid Week activities around the world gave Israel and its Western backers something to think about in recent weeks. Israeli land confiscations accelerated in the 1970s and led Palestinians to organise the first coordinated demonstrations in the Occupied Territories on 30 March 1976, during which 6 Palestinians were killed. This […]

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Greece Joins Gas Alliance

Israel, the United States and Greece conduct Noble Dina drill in the Mediterranean In the first week of April 2012, Israel, the United States and Greece conducted the “Noble Dina” drill on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Led by the U.S. Sixth Fleet, Noble Dina involves simulations of combat against submarines, air battles […]

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Upheaval in Ariel Sharon’s Party

Tzipi Livni loses leadership to former IDF Chief Three and a half years after she barely won the leadership of Ariel Sharon’s Kadima Party, on March 27, 2012, Tzipi Livni lost the party’s leadership to her contender in the last two elections, former IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz. Although Kadima won the most seats […]

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Yemen: A Revolution in Crisis

As the Islamic Awakening or Arab Spring comes of age, Tunisia and Egypt glimmer like diamonds unearthed from the rough: prized jewels placed into the quillion of an unsheathed Scimitar. A symbolic sword of truth raised in a belated battle to purge MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) of it’s corrupt, Anglo-American-Israeli backed, tyrants. But look […]

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Waking up the West to the Cuckoo in the Nest

A reply to Laura Stuart… Laura Stuart’s March 30th article “Baroness Cox is Pro Israel and Anti Islam” complains about the anti-Muslim, pro-Israel, views expressed by a member of Britain’s House of Lords, Baroness Caroline Cox. She concludes the best hope for Palestine solidarity is appealing to Muslims. I respectfully disagree. I feel that the […]

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Circumcision of Boys – for Jews only?

Göran Rosenberg (1) puts forward two ethnocentric arguments in an article published in the Swedish daily newspaper, SvD. It is the final article in a discussion on circumcision. The first is that the proposed ban on circumcision, “… targets, with great precision, mainly the Jewish minority in Sweden …” But surely Göran it affects Swedish Muslims […]

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