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Archive | March 13, 2012

Israel’s Goebbelian Ploy

No justification for war or sanctions on Iran The hysteria over Iran’s nuclear capabilities having reached such a stage as to call for immediate bombing of its nuclear facilities – this hysteria is a red herring, a smokescreen deliberately and insidiously being whipped up by Israel to turn away the world’s gaze from its vicious […]

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Palestinian Art

A spotlight on Palestinian painter, Bissan Rafe

Palestinian Folkloric Fairy Tales Hit Asia and Europe Art Scene “Someone once described my work as emotive and powerful without the need for jargon yet criticized that my politics use art as its tool; to which I simply replied: ‘Politics are the opinions or sympathies of a person, the total complex of relations between people […]

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Banksy Graffiti art from Occuppied Palestine

Gingrich’s “Invented People” & A Collectivist Distortion of History

  Newt Gingrich’s recent comments that the Palestinians are an “invented people”, while technically correct, is nothing new to the Israel Palestine discourse. The argument has a long history of usage amongst those who seek to distort the history of mass ethnic cleansing and human rights abuse against Palestinians by Israeli Zionist forces. However, the […]

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Zionist Bullying in the West Coast Co-op Movement

Several articles on have described the power of Zionism in corrupting progressive groups in Britain, e.g. Laura Stuart’s A Victory for Bullies Everywhere(2012). It’s the same in the USA. In the summer of 2009, just as the west coast co-operative movement was gearing up to adopt a resolution boycotting Israeli goods, there was a […]

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