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Archive | February 10, 2012


Anonymous Message To The State of Israel

A message from Anonymous Hacktivist collective to the Zionist regime of Israel, comprising of a curious mixture of over the top melodramatic music, robot voices, people in masks and veiled and not-so veiled threats. Well it’s better than the BBC. 🙂 #OpFreePalestine

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Banned chemical weapon for use in UK?

The UK government may consider the development of chemical weapons for domestic law enforcement, that’s according to the national academy of sciences. The group of experts has asked UK officials to clarify their intentions for the substances. The nerve gases being discussed were banned from military use nearly 20 years ago. For more RT talks […]

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The Mystery of Quantitive Easing

The headlines all say that the Bank of England has pumped another £50 billion into the economy in the third round of quantitive easing. In fact, the money will not get far into the economy. It is given to the banks and other financial sector companies, and evidence from the previous £250 billion worth of […]

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Madonna SuperBowl

Madonna:- Israel GIG – then Iran War?

It looks like we have the date for the Iran War. Although the subject of this leak is un-orthodox, her Zionist credentials are without question. I am talking of course about the ‘Queen of Pop’; Madonna. The shocking revelation came through via Haaretz. They reported how an Israeli Facebook group was campaigning for the Iran […]

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