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Archive | January 8, 2012


Hackers threaten Israel

A new front has opened up against Israel. It started on the social networks, spreading slowly at first as various twitter campaigns were started to protest Israel abuses. It seemed that whilst Israel does control large parts of the mainstream media. Controlling the social networks was a good deal more tricky. Gradually connections were being […]

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Israeli sites hacked ~ #OpFreePalestine

 #OpFreePalestine Update. The following information has been released today  (on a well know paste website site used for anonymous posting) January 8th 2012 as part of the ongoing action against Israeli websites. We are in the process of analysing the data. More information is due shorlty and a major group action is planned for Friday […]

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The rise and fall of journalism

More and more News presenters are showing signs of extreme stress and and increasingly lashing out at the public. It seems they are frustrated at being mocked by the very people they are supposed to serve. There was a time when being a media journalist was an occupation that conferred some sense of respect and […]

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Gingrich Grovels For The Jewish Vote

Brother Nathaniel clearly details the total dominance of the Jewish Lobby in the US. How long till the world wakes up to the fact that trying to please Israel’s interests is turning the entire world into a less humane place, and a much much more dangerous place. It’s also become be clear that, Ron Paul […]

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