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Apocalypse in Gaza

What makes the holocaust so important?

Following weeks of harasment by Zionist infiltrators Tony Greenstein and Abraham Weizfeld;  Paul Barrow, an American solidarity activist told the two tribal activists what he thought of them both. ~ the Editors… I wouldn’t be so generous as to call you or Weizfeld an “anti-Zionist Jew,” Tony (Greenstein). You look pretty Zionist to me. Zionism […]

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Just Being Love

Just be love, be loving, being love. Let got of all the hate, just be love. Don’t love others just let love flow from you. Let go, give up – go with the flow. Altruism – the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others 5 Altruistic traits – […]

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Goldman Sachs cooked Greece books

Max talks about the continued under-regulation and lack of enforcement for wide-scale Banking fraud. He also talk about how Goldman Sachs undermined the economy of Greece to strip it of all its assets. The Banker elite it would seem are largely immune from prosecution or censure. One wonders how long the people will this endure […]

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We are Nabi Saleh – Trailer

Thanks to Jonathan Azaziah for this an insight into real life in occupied Palestine.” …The trailer of the documentary We are Nabi Saleh! We are Nabi Saleh is still looking for Co-funding, screening places and help with translation: Arabic-English. If you wan’t to collaborate, write an email to We can make it real together. […]

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Is Israel on the road to self-destruction?

One very well informed and courageous Israeli who thinks the answer is ‘Yes’ is Merav Michaeli, a radio and television presenter who also writes for Ha’aretz. She is completely without fear when it comes to telling it like it is. On 2 January this year, for example, she wrote: The Israeli government doesn’t want peace. […]

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What is Power? A Couple of Stories.

Pontius Pilate famously asked: ‘What is truth?’ He might just as well have asked: ‘What is power?’ Consider his situation. Pilate was the prefect of the province of Judea, the representative of the great Roman Empire. Before him stood a young other-worldly man who might be a nutter or a seer and who said nothing […]

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The Great Charity Scam

If you are running a charity or trust in Britain or the USA, there is no minimum required spend on charitable purposes. So one could have a charity that takes several hundred thousand pounds a years in donations, and employs many well paid staff. As long as that charity does the bare minimum required by […]

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Why Not Jewish Power?

It is constantly bleated from certain quarters that the term ‘Jewish power’ is racist. How can you attribute power to a heterogeneous group like Jews? But let’s think a moment about the use of the word ‘power’. Does anyone have a problem with us talking about ‘the power of the media’? Or, in some countries, […]

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Let’s be Fair

My heart sinks when I hear that phrase, ‘let’s be fair.’ ‘Let’s be fair, George Bush had no alternative but to smash Afghanistan and Iraq.’ ‘Let’s be fair, what would you have done faced with that massive hostile gathering at Amritsar on 13th April 1919 or that dangerous looking civil-rights march in Londonderry on 30 January […]

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Press TV & Britain’s War on Free Speech

Perfidious Albion, Our government is happy to go to war all over the world in the name of freedom, liberty and democracy. Our government will extol the virtues of freedom of expression and speech, but not in the case of Press TV, where it has prevailed upon it’s poodle the so called independent media watchdog […]

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Infiltration, Agitation & the New Policing style

What do Shin Bet (the Israel Security Agency) and the British Police have in common?  Aside from: Thug like brutality Massive corruption. & Institutional racism. The answer is …..Both have used undercover agents to infiltrate local organizations and fathered children later abandoned when the mission has ended. Sounds like a bad joke?  Sadly, funny it is not, […]

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Torture Cover-Up

The security services are delighted at the cancellation of the Gibson Inquiry into torture. Gibson had been showing worrying signs of independence. To use my own humble case as an example, he instructed the FCO, to their fury, that I must be allowed to see unredacted any document which I had already seen whilst Ambassador, […]

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Questioning ‘the Holocaust’

My expulsion from both my local branch of PSC in Brighton, and from national PSC, and the upholding of the latter expulsion on appeal last Saturday, raises interesting questions about the right to free thought and speech. I fully accept the right of PSC to expel me on the basis of my views, if these […]

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RAP NEWS 11: Australia Day

It’s a day of high jinx, high revelry and high people in Australia; a day when a large and vocal majority come together to “celebrate what’s great” about this country. But what is the meaning of all this fanfare? What is the true origin of this passionately marked day of facepaint and binge drinking? Is […]

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Stop Britain’s pro-Israel lobby

The Queen needs a new royal yacht. But the British government says it can’t afford to buy her one. The GBP 80 million for the project must come from private sources. “Leading British companies will … be asked to donate funds in exchange for naming rights to various decks and facilities on board,” says the […]

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All’s Fair in Love and the Class War

Predictably Tony Greenstein is crowing about his victory in having me expelled from Brighton & Hove PSC, from national PSC, and now about the overturning of my appeal at the AGM on Saturday 21st January Karl Marx famously wrote: ‘The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.’ (‘Thesis […]

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How to recognise an Anti-semite

Cast: (G) Sir Goldstein (Zionist) Anti-semite Finder General! (M) ‘Alleged Anti-semite’ man (B1, B2, B3) Bloggers one, two and three Bloggers: We have found an anti-semite! ( Anti-semite! Anti-semite!) denounce him denounce him! Blogger 1: We have found an anti-semite, may we denounce him? (cheers) G: How do you known he is a anti-semite? B2: […]

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Cyber Wars – CIA gets Hacked.

January 15th 2012, the CIA website is hacked by f3nix_h4ck3r. A release on Pastebin called ‘usuario & Pass Cia’ shows the CIA’s main website being probed, or penetration testing as it is euphemistically called. Penetration testing is where a website is scanned for vulnerabilities. Hackers don’t actually do this themselves, well very rarely. They have […]

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Pardon a rather navel-gazing morning, but I have been thinking about blogging. I am not sure how the Leverson Inquiry got into discussion of blogging, but apparently the editor of the Daily Mirror has described bloggers as “cowboys”. If you read this blog you would, even in the last few months find definite and documented […]

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Nick Clegg Criticises Israel for Sabotaging Peace Process

Nick Clegg, British deputy Prime Minister criticised Israel on Monday for sabotaging Palestinian peace process. Really what a shocker!!  Following a press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas he said this on the subject of settlements. Once you’ve placed physical facts on the ground that makes it impossible to deliver something that everyone has for […]

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Complicity in Torture

So nobody in the security services was guilty of complicity in torture. Those rendered to torture were in fact whisked off by flying pigs. Or maybe a big boy did it and ran away. I should say I never had the tiniest bit of doubt that the institutionally corrupt Metropolitan Police would let off the […]

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Anti-imperialism and the PSC executive

I went to a meeting on Tuesday night of my local Palestine Solidarity Campaign PSC  group. We were there to talk about various motions for the upcoming PSC AGM on the subject of ‘anti-semitism’, and ‘holocaust denial’, alongside a proposed constitutional change that would take away the right of an expelled individual to appeal to […]

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US Congressional Bill Lists me as a Terrorist

Myself and a US citizen, along with IHH and several Turkish nationals are named as having ‘known links to Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations’ in US Congressional Bill now being processed through the traitorous US Congress. Here is the applicable paragraph; (9) In 2010, IHH organized a flotilla that included the ship Mavi […]

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#OpFreePalestine PART 3

The following is the latest ‘data dump’ taken in the ongoing cyber-war that has broken out between renegade Saudi Hackers, and Israeli backed (8200) hackers.   The basic message is this – until things change for the better in Palestine, any Israeli website is a target for hacking.   Hackers are now becoming a serious […]

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We are all Palestinians

Thanks to the signature of Barak Obusha, on the National Defense Authorization Act, 2012 promises to be a bumper year, for one of the only US markets still enjoying growth; the ‘security’ and prisons industry. The bill, leaves some politicians queasy, even Obama said, pen poised, “The fact that I support this bill as a […]

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Marines Urinate on Dead Muslims

WARNING – VERY OFFENSIVE. In this disgusting video we see how low the US marines have gone. I am pretty sure this video will be banned and taken down. I have copied it downloaded it should that happen. Credit to Deek Jackson for scooping this. BTW you can be pretty sure that this just the […]

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Reinventing the Middle East lexicon

When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s […]

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Israeli cyber attack on Saudis?

Last week a cyber attack was launched called #OpFreePalestine by a group of Saudi Hackers. As a result of this attack, thousands of credit cards were released. Israel hit back today with their own threats, or are they bluffing. According to Ynet, a group of Israeli Hackers have ‘obtained’ details of thousands of Saudi credit […]

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Israel’s Latest War Crime Feb 9, 2011

EU/USA Complicity Knows No Limit – video by Ken O’Keefe Israel has intentionally dropped two large bombs on the AL-Qerem Medical Supplies Factory in Jabalya, Gaza. The building is totally destroyed, as was all of the medical supplies and equipement. Gaza is already in crisis mode for lack of medical supplies, this bombing will mean […]

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Samouni Family & Israeli War Crimes

During Operation Cast Lead Israel committed massive war crimes for all the world to see. Among these crimes the use of White Phosphorus in densely populated areas, use of Depleted Uranium, bombing civilian targets of all sorts without military necessity, destroying civilian infrastructure with no military justification and the infamous massacre of the Samouni family… […]

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Hackers threaten Israel

A new front has opened up against Israel. It started on the social networks, spreading slowly at first as various twitter campaigns were started to protest Israel abuses. It seemed that whilst Israel does control large parts of the mainstream media. Controlling the social networks was a good deal more tricky. Gradually connections were being […]

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