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Now’s Not the Time for Hezbollah to Cut and Run

Franklin Lamb

Dahiyeh, South Beirut


Graphics by Alex

Lebanese celebrating victory rallyThis observer admits that politically speaking, things might appear a  bit tough for Hezbollah these days but will spare the dear reader the tedium of  a laundry list of what the Party has experienced over the past 20 months in  terms of domestic and foreign attacks, condemnations, calumny, obliquey, sundry  plots, and legislative and political wounds, some a result of the Party of God  lumbering under the weight of some tawdry political ‘allies’ who it must work  with in Parliament.

Some of the more commonly known and intensifying targeting of the Resistance by its internal and foreign foes who have pledged at all costs  to dismantle it but sowing Sunni-Shia discords, include exploiting the chaos in  Syria, manipulating the frustrations of the Lebanese public given widespread  lack of public services, and attacking Hezbollah’s  success in linking its military power with its growing political power, but periodically insisting that  it gives up its weapons.

Concerned friends of Hezbollah sometimes over-react out of sincere solidarity and friendship and a desire to protect the Resistance from surrounding events  that are swirling out of control around them. Perhaps it is in this context that  the editor in chief of the pro-Hezbollah Beirut newspaper, Al Akbar, Ibrahim al  Amin is demanding that Hezbollah throw in the towel and withdraw from Lebanese  politics.

Ibrahim Al-Amin, Al-Akhbar local newspaper editorOn 7/18/12, the 6th anniversary of Lebanon’s July 2006 victory over Israel, during the latter’s fifth war against Lebanon which included its brutal 1978,  1982,1993, 1996 aggressions, it was quite normal to discuss and evaluate  where  the Resistance is today in terms of its work and goals, not least of which is  Hezbollah’s moral, religious, political and humanitarian duties to support the Palestinians’ growing international campaigns to retrieve their country, still occupied by a Zionist colonial regime after more than six decades, and  their obligation to enact in Parliament the right to work and home ownership  legislation for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

One interesting,  provocative but wrong-headed proposal in this observer’s  opinion was put forward in a 7/18/12 editorial in Al Akbar newspaper, by its  Editor and Chief Ibrahim al-Amin, reputed to be close to some Hezbollah  officials.

Editor al-Amin did not mince his words, declaring thus:

•         “There’s no longer any point in the Resistance (Hezbollah) remaining in government. The government is no longer good for anything. No good  will come from the current (Hezbollah-led) government surviving.

•          There’s no longer any point in the Resistance remaining in any branch of  Lebanon’s government, not even in parliament. It’s impossible for it to play a  legislative role given the weird and wondrous partnership between the executive  and legislative establishments.

•         There’s no longer any point in the Resistance remaining involved in domestic political quarrels or  discussions…There’s no longer any point in the resistance getting mixed up in  political games that tarnish its reputation, undermine its standing, and make it  resemble the gangsters who make up most of the political class in this land of  the deranged.”

Al-Amin editorializes that “The system sees the resistance as an alien body which must be ejected by any means: through isolation if possible,  sectarian strife if necessary, and treason and the summoning of foreign invaders when desperate.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib MiqatiAl Amin additionally concluded:

•         There’s no longer any point in the Resistance continuing to be  involved in government crises which it never had anything to do with, and when  there is no real partnership in decision-making. This reduces it to the role of  mute witness to daily acts of robbery, waste, sabotage and the destruction of  what remains of the hybrid state.

•         There’s no longer any point in  the Resistance remaining around the table with people who are above the law,  however lofty or lowly their ranks. This has become akin to providing cover for  the debasement of every family and individual in the country.

•           There’s no longer any point in the Resistance remaining a player in a game of  appointments and patronage that does nothing to protect the resistance fighters or maintain the dignity of their families. Instead it isolates those who are  willing to sacrifice all they hold dear for their people and beliefs but still  cannot cross a road unharassed or provide for their children.

•         What use is there in Hezbollah staying in a government, parliament or other state bodies that it cannot trust?

•          What is the use of remaining in a  government that provides misleading, fabricated or skewed information to sustain  an international body which seeks to damage the Resistance in the name of  justice – helping Israel achieve what it failed to do by force of arms? It  grinds its people to the bone, and will not spend a penny on developing public utilities.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah (left) and Palestinian leader (right)Editor in Chief Amin’s  sunshine-patriot weak-kneed laments  and his apparent eagerness to throw in the Resistance towel, plus his expressed  fears sound at time like they were written by a speech writer last July for Libya’s  Gadhafi or Yemen’s Salah, and he errs with virtually every syllable he  pens.

Defending its political mantle and participation in government is key for the  future of the Hezbollah-led Resistance. The Resistance is bigger than Hezbollah and has now become truly international, as has its project of supporting the Palestinian cause.  Daily, the Resistance gains strength and support as Israel weakens and US and Western regional implantations and hegemony fades into the pages of history books.

Setbacks are surely in store for the Party of  God, as with this country, region, movement, era, and culture of resistance,  inspired as it is by the 7th century sacrifices for the commonweal by Hussein bin Ali and the martyrs at Karbala and the 1st century C.E.  Martyred Prophet  from Nazareth at Calvary.

AbramsWere  the logic of the ,no doubt well-meaning, Al Akbar editor to prevail, and were  Hezbollah to become ostrich-like politically, the predictable result would be  nothing less and quite likely rather more than the following consequences.

Withdrawing from the political battles in Lebanon’s government would be an egregious capitulation to the designs of Elliot Abrams and the Bush administration when Abrams requested in 2004 of the Saudi Regime, $50 million  in funding to set up the March 14th coalition. Abdicating its legislative duties  would be for the Resistance to cave in to the likes of Israel’s Netanyahu, the  Zionist-controlled US Congress, reactionary despotic Arab regimes and other defenders of the Zionist occupation of Palestine  at the expense of people of good will everywhere and supporters of the Hezbollah-led Resistance throughout Lebanon as well as internationally.

Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary blocThe suggestion that Hezbollah cannot remain cutting edge in its military preparedness simultaneous with the high quality of its Parliamentary delegation including Mohammad Raad, Nawaf Musawi, Ali Fayad,  Hassan Fadallah, and Mohammed Fneish, to name just a few, is faulty. This  stellar Loyalty to the Resistance team is more than capable of continuing to advance the Hezbollah campaign pledges and party platforms in Parliament and get  results while Hezbollah remains vigilant and prepared to defeat the coming Israeli aggression.

Hezbollah is known for its culture of  dialogue, analysis, elements of democratic centralism and patience in decision making.  Many supporters of the Resistance, including this observer, believe  that proposals for Hezbollah to disengage from Lebanese politics err at best, and  at worst are patently absurd, counter-Resistance and undermining to prospects for a prosperous future for Lebanon and the people of all 18 confessions who  Hezbollah seek to serve.  Participating in Lebanon’s government  and, not least  in the mundane work of trying to ameliorate scores of local government problems  after decades of neglect, is a noble cause.

Whether in Palestine or here in Lebanon, the  Resistance takes nearly countless forms, paths, protests, operations, from  military to academic and social.  Continuing to engage every day, every hour  with Lebanon’s government of which Hezbollah is an essential component and is  vital.

Now is not the time to throw in the towel just  because times are tough, but it would be well for the tough to get a move on and to redouble efforts to serve the people by concrete results from Parliament and thru government agencies.


Source: Exclusive

21-07-2012 – 15:58 Last updated 21-07-2012 – 16:00

10 Responses to Now’s Not the Time for Hezbollah to Cut and Run

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 21, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    Lucid and informed analysis from Frank Lamb, as always, and sound conclusion:
    “Now is not the time to throw in the towel just because times are tough, but it would be well for the tough to get a move on and to redouble efforts to serve the people by concrete results from Parliament and thru government agencies.”

  2. who_me July 21, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    who does this undermining of the role of hezbollah serve?

    coincidence this was written while the zionazis are busy trying to destroy syria, too.

    this al-amin is about as subtle as the “muslims” working overtime to sow sectarian strife in countries zionazis want to destroy. al-amin may have been an “friend” of hezbollah at one time, but his masters have called his chips in now.

    • who_me July 21, 2012 at 11:50 pm #

      i should have researched the man’s past before commenting. ignore this comment.

  3. Alex July 21, 2012 at 11:37 pm #


    No..No Al-amin is a good guy (GOOD LEFTIST), who afraid that Hezbollah may lose people’s support,and allies, mainly free patriots movement who put reforms first.
    Actually, Hezbollah Joined he Government after the withdrawal of Syrians, who protected Hezbollah back from the enemy within.

    • who_me July 21, 2012 at 11:49 pm #


      ok, i’ll retract then.

  4. Daniel Mabsout July 22, 2012 at 7:03 am #

    Hizbullah is not a local political party , it is a Resistance movement , it does not act alone , it is part of something bigger. Its decisions are taken not separately from its people. The crucial problem that Ibrahim al Amin overlooks is not the the participation- or not- of Hizbullah in the government and the parliament, it is the existence of the government itself . The government should stay despite all the shortcomings because- if the Lebanese government goes -at this crucial moment where things are so entangled – the country is liable to go with it; armed gangs will take all the streets one after the other and it will not be possible for Lebanon to form another government. What will happen is what the Resistance wants to avoid at any price because Hizbullah might be forced to replace the government and go to the streets to restore order which is extremely risky . It is NOT therefore the participation in the government that is at stake it is the government itself and Lebanon itself . What al Amin is suggesting is very dangerous and controversial it is the same like asking Hizbullah to give up the Resistance and restrict its role to government and parliament which is what the foreign powers and Israel want above all . Al Amin affiliations and positions should be questioned , he is being no friend to the Resistance in this instance . It is enough that he is hosting nowadays smart professor Ass’ad Abu Khalil who-in these crucial moments where the future of Palestine is being decided – is posing similar questions regarding Syria and who is equating between the regime and the opposition of armed thugs to save his reputation as a leftist which is a twisted covered way of supporting the thugs of the opposition.

  5. Jonathon Blakeley July 22, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    morning peeps, testing the comments

  6. Alex July 23, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    FREE SYRIAN ARMY WORK FOR ZIONIST HARIRI…FSA captures a key false witness in Hariri murder

    Good news for deLibration “sunnis” who, two days ago, claimed that syrian killed Hariri. BTW, Husam Husam is a Sunni Kurd.

    • who_me July 23, 2012 at 9:07 pm #

      interesting development. sounds like a mossad or cia op that captured the man.

  7. who_me July 25, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

    EU no to Israel, Hezbollah stays off terrorist list

    the zionazis hit a snag in their plans for a new war in lebanon. forcing europe to mark hezbollah as a terrorist org was a step in preparing that war.