The War on Syria Has Begun

The US and “Partners” Launch First Air Strikes in Syria The war on Syria has begun with the US and its “partners” launching the first air strikes on Syria’s territory, allegedly against the terrorist group ISIS. The Pentagon announced it at 9:30 pm EST, revealing that the US military is “using a mix of fighter, bomber, and […]

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Putin’s Khodorkovsky Move

KHODORKOVSKY LAUNCHES MOVEMENT TO TOPPLE PUTIN MOSCOW, Sept 20, 2014: Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Kremlin opponent who spent a decade in prison, today launched a movement to bring together pro-European Russians to challenge strongman Vladimir Putin’s grip on power. Once Russia’s richest man, Khodorkovsky was released from prison late last year and is now based in […]

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Obama — Putin Juxtaposition

WHO’S telling TRUTH – OBAMA or PUTIN – WILL there be WW3? This video presents an excellent juxtaposition of Obama and Putin being interviewed separately. Both are clearly being interviewed by journalists who parrot the official American propaganda against Russia. Nevertheless, although Obama is being fed leading questions that contain the propaganda line while Putin […]

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Guns of August II

Cease-fire and its reasons The piping-hot stage of the Ukraine crisis was over with signing of Minsk cease-fire agreement. It is far from clear how long the cease-fire will last, and whether it will morph into stable peace; still this pause provides a chance to review policies and strategies of the sides. The first part […]

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The Guns of August

On the Pushkin square in central Moscow, McDonald’s, this symbol of Pax Americana, has been shut down this week. It was opened 23 years ago, as the USSR collapsed, and the unipolar world of One Superpower came into being. Soviet people queued for hours to get in and try this divine foreign food. They were […]

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ISIS Whelps Khorasan

After artificial insemination carried out by a combined team of Israeli, American, Saudi, Turkish, Qatar and other experts, a long gestation, and a complicated multiple twin pregnancy midwifed in Jordan, ISIS finally whelped its last, long-awaited offspring. It’s an Iranian!  They named him Khorasan, which proudly declares his identity: “New intelligence has emerged warning Washington that […]

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Beheading Bonanza Begets Istanbullywood

I have received a request to review the trailer of a Turkish TV drama series of the Islamic terrorism subgenre produced in February 2014 by the large and growing Turkish movie industry dubbed Istanbullywood. The Turkish TV drama was called Valley of the Wolves and it has been well received by the public. According to wikipedia, […]

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Scots Kiss Goodbye to Independence

Scots kiss goodbye to independence Wallace and the Bruce left spinning in their graves As voting day neared, the “Yes” to Independence campaign was seriously threatening the unity of the realm by arguing that the only guarantee of self-governing powers for Scotland was to vote for independence. Successive polls showed the matter was too close […]

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Defiant Lies as a Form of Warfare

The lies spouted by the US leaders lately, slavishly echoed by their accolytes and the Western MSM have a different quality about them than the lies we have heard about and since 9/11. They no longer appear to be meant to hide the truth of the crimes committed by the US, Israel or their willing […]

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When Scots ruled chunks of England

As Scotland decides peacefully whether to quit the Union – a lesson to all — let’s remember When Scots ruled chunks of England The polling booths have opened on Scotland’s Big Day and the world is watching, mesmerised, to see which way they jump. It’s too close to call, we’re told. But the Scots weren’t […]

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Poroshenko’s Address to US Congress

Porcine oligarch Petro Poroshenko’s address to the US Congress received five standing ovations. There might have been more that I missed while retching. The few touches of humor came in the beginning when he thanked the American Congress and people for their “worms and hospitality,” and when he said “45 of Ukrainean people now watching this speech” (he […]

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Israel’s Occupation of Syria by Proxy Has Begun

The United Nations Disengagement Observer Force to which the Syrian representative refers as UNDOF was established by United Nations Security Council Resolution 350 on 31 May 1974,[1] to implement Resolution 338 (1973) which called for an immediate ceasefire and implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242.[2] The resolution was passed on the same day […]

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Beheading Stock Value Threatened by Dumping

Cameron got his much needed beheading video and expressed appropriate revulsion as well as his determination to join the US “Coalition of the Willing to Attack Syria.” I am summarizing; those were not his exact words. Apparently the videos released by SITE showing the beheadings of the two somewhat American, not all that humanitarian and […]

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Thank You, MEMRI!

MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) is … But let us be fair and admit that MEMRI also does a service to the Western world by promoting Arab and Muslim culture, and their views and attitudes towards Israel and its supporting Western powers. In its efforts to portray the Muslim world in general, and Arabs […]

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Duping Delight

“Duping Delight” (DD) is a “tell” by which some liars unconsciously give themselves away while reciting their lies when they feel they are successfully putting one over their “mark.” Psychologists say that people who deceive others, and hence feel the duper’s delight, often cannot hide their feelings. The signals by which they give themselves away, […]

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The First Victim of 9/11

Remembering Tech Titan Danny Lewin, the Fighting Genius on Flight 11 The first victim of the 9/11 attacks was a veteran of an elite IDF unit, as well as an innovative Internet entrepreneur Just when you thought you had heard all the 9/11-related anecdotes you wanted to hear, you encounter a new one that takes your […]

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The Other 9/11 in the Other America

This year 9/11 marked the 40th anniversary of the bloody military coup d’etat orchestrated by the US in Chile, which brought General Augusto Pincochet to power and ended Chile’s attempt, led by Salvador Allende, to turn itself into a true democracy with an equitable social system through nonviolent revolution. The reforms Allende managed to implement […]

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Let us See through Our Victims’ Eyes

Western culture prides itself on its civilized behavior, its distaste for vulgarity, its abhorrence of horrid violence, its protection against pornographic disquieting images and, consequently, seeks to hide such unpleasant, uncivilized behavior by blurring disquieting images, removing the vulgar with omissions of letters or blocking the uncultivated or the smutty or the risqué with bleeps, […]

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9/11 — The Plus Side

Millions have died, a never-ending “war on terror” is being pursued, the US Constitution (starting with the Bill of Rights) has been shredded, all as a direct result of 9/11. All this is true and amply documented. Nevertheless, I think it is time now that someone tried to approach the far more difficult topic of the […]

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Sex Maniacs Wanted, Paedophiles Preferred

Greedy crooks on the make are desirable candidates for public office, but for the purpose of blackmail, sex maniacs are more valuable and paedophiles are preferred. More often than not the “elected” officials have both qualifications for the job, as is the case of Bill Clinton and many others. The misma of putrescence of the […]

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Beheadings — A review

Beheading videos — a new terror genre deserve attentive reviews. This is actually a review of reviews but since only two reviews were included I call it a mini-meta-review. Reading a theater critic’s review of, say, a certain staging of “Richard III” one does not expect to read his opinions of 15the century England or […]

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UK Independence Party hugs another Friend of Israel

Desperate for its first seat in Parliament UK Independence Party hugs another Friend of Israel The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which hopes for a big breakthrough in next year’s general election, has been wining and dining potential Conservative defectors one of which has actually come across. Last week Douglas Carswell stepped down as MP for […]

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Not Silence but Gloating over Galloway

WHY THE SILENCE OVER THE ASSAULT ON GEORGE GALLOWAY? – asks Peter Oborne in an article in The Telegraph. British MP George Galloway was recovering on Saturday after being attacked in the street in Notting Hill, west London, and taken to hospital and treated for a suspected broken rib and bruising to his head. He had been posing […]

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Putin’s Internal Challenges

Putin’s internal challenges, and they are many, are obscured to us, observers at a great remove, by the double curtains of worthless information and deliberate disinformation dispensed by the MSM (weighted down by the ignorance of the Western media that can’t even get their maps straight) and by the language barrier and lack of access to […]

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The US — “Hotel California”

United States Jacks Up Exit Fee For Those Renouncing Citizenship “You can check out any time you like but you can never leave” The Eagles, “Hotel California” The number of Americans renouncing their citizenship has grown by 221% according to official data availabe for the first quarter of 2014. Why they renounce their citizenship cannot […]

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Juice Rap News: MSMBS Headlies

Juice Rap News casts a discerning eye over the remarkable series of events over the last few weeks. From Gaza to Syria, ISIS to Ukraine, sinkholes to Ebola, and Ferguson to Robin Williams, the world has been experiencing a seemingly endless series of disturbing events: how do we manage to deal with all the painful […]

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Russia guilty of improper humanitarian aid

After Russia’s delivery of humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine on August 22-23, US and Ukrainian officials accused the Russians of invasion, breach of sovereignty and military intervention.  In order to clarify the legal implications of the action, I consulted a Ukrainian expert who prefers to remain anonymous for fear that it might affect his chocolate […]

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Eat Shit! Billions of flies and the cultural marxists cannot be wrong

Eat shit! Billions of flies and the cultural marxists cannot be wrong. [Paraphrasing Kurt Vonnegut] One might think that cultural marxism, which ushered in the “liberation” from all “inhibiting taboos” (i.e., normal human behavior rooted in often transgressed but never before disputed moral values and humanism), has completed its work of destruction of the Western […]

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Rampant Anti-semitism Bursts Out in Guatemala

Jewish Community Forced Out of Guatemalan Village Evidence that rampant anti-semitism is bursting out worldwide, reaching even remote villages in Guatemala, is strikingly described in the news report below. The natives in a Guatemalan village had no prior contact  with Jews, no Holocaust education and were not recipients of any IMF loan. In scientific terms they […]

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The Dutch Apologize to Putin

Dutch Intellectuals Apologize to Putin for Lies on MH17, Syria, Ukraine… A letter sent by a prominent Dutch Professor to Russian president Vladimir Putin has attracted much media attention in Europe. The letter was written by Professor Cees Hamelink and signed by dozens of Dutch intellectuals and professors. Below is the letter in its entirety. […]

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