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Atzmon at His Best

This is one of Atzmon’s best interviews, exploring some of the themes he has analyzed before, i.e., Israel (not the problem but one of the symptoms/manifestations of Jewish power); Jewish identity politics; Jewishness, Judaism, zionism and Jews as distinct but overlapping categorical concepts; the insidious hypocrisy of the inherently tribal and supremacist Jewish “Left,” and […]

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Americans: A Conquered People, the New Serfs

[This is, in my view, an accurate, if incomplete picture of the status of the America people chained in serfdom by the 1% who own the country, them and their children, and indeed the Western world. It only focuses on the economic and geopolitical aspects of the “conquest,” which is fine and plenty. The moral […]

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Mouseland is a wonderful fable that Thomas C. Douglas, ‘the Greatest Canadian,” used many decades ago, trying to teach his fellow Canadians the difference without a distinction between the two parties succeeding each other in Canada’s “democracy.” Mouseland is not only the metaphor for Canada’s democracy and for the US, but indeed for every country […]

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Thou Shalt Not Incite: Palestinian Women Tossed in Slammer for Facebook Posts

The favorite word of Israeli officials these days seems to be “incitement.” Since October of last year, 28 Palestinianwomen have been arrested for posting on Facebook, and one of the favored charges heaved at them by magistrates seems to be “incitement.” This at any rate is what 22-year-old Majd Atwan was convicted of. Atwan, from […]

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Has America Been Punk’d?

[Ed. Note: Trump, the burlesque clown in white face of this round of presidential elections has managed to fool a large segment of the disenfranchised American middle class without even trying all that hard. Their hope did all the heavy lifting for him. From the contradictory, often absurd, statements he spews out of both corners […]

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Clinton and Trump: Nuclearized or Lobotomized?

Introduction Over half the US electorate views the two leading candidates for the 2016 Presidential elections with horror and disdain. In contrast, the entire corporate mass media, here and abroad, repeat outrageous virtuous claims on behalf of Hillary Clinton and visceral denunciations of Donald Trump. Media pundits, financial, academic and corporate elites describe the prospects […]

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The Blood of the Saints, Pure Evil, and Zionist Preferences

ISIS Sends Parents Rape Video Plus Body Parts of Their Kidnapped Daughters “In Syria, if the choice is between Iran and the Islamic State, I choose the Islamic State.” –Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, as quoted January 20, 2016 in Newsweek “Al-Qaida control over Syria would be preferable to a victory by Assad over the […]

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Cold light of dawn for Corbyn

as UK Labour is again punished at the polls in England and in melt-down in Scotland The Party’s performance once more was dismal despite the unpopularity of Cameron’s Conservatives and the irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats. Jeremy Corbyn will be surveying the election wreckage and wondering where he goes from here. Some will blame the […]

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Passover 2016

[Ariadna: Passover ended on April 30 and Deliberation was remiss in marking the occasion. This is to make amends for the neglect. Shalom Auslander is the author of the best-selling “Foreskin’s Lament” and the critically acclaimed “Hope: A Tragedy” and was the creator/writer of the Showtime series “Happyish.”] A ‘fallen Jew’ on what to read […]

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Age of Fools – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Age of Fools.  William A. Cook. Dandelion Books, LLC.  Mesa, Arizona. 2015. ) In a world of fools,  Age of Fools by William Cook is passionate and accusatory book that reviews the Bush/Sharon era of Israeli/Palestinian affairs. Cook’s style is different than the usual prosaic works of history, and while the ‘facts’ […]

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Get Corbyn!

Antisemitism Inquisition shifts up a gear in bid to wreck Labour’s election chances and remove the ‘loose cannon’. With important local government elections a few days away the campaign against alleged antisemites reached a crescendo over the weekend, with the press and TV corps in full cry.   Their main quarry was former mayor of […]

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to the 250 million — give or take a few thousand — Orthodox Christians: Russians, Greeks, Romanians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Georgians, Armenians, Palestinians and others! This year Orthodox Easter came on May 1st, a day of ecstasy for them and bathos for the Western world quickened like an ache in Washington, DC: The White […]

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